That Sur will be completed soon despite my lack of updates this summer. I also swear that you will at least see the title page of City of Demons and maybe another project I am working on. The reason for the delay is I made a promise to my mother that I would finish her wine labels. You can check them out over at my deviant art page. Just click on the Deviant Art logo in the menubar at the top. Also, I am working on getting promotional material done for Leaky Con. And I won a t-shirt design contest for Leaky Con earlier this summer. Lastly, I have been writing a smut novel that I intend to publish under my pen name at Lucky Fish Press LLC. So I have not been doing nothing, it’s just that it is summer and I don’t get a chance to do these types of things during the school year. But I assure you that my main focus is to finish Sur this week. Also check out my previous blog post about net neutrality, it is imperative to the survival of Lucky Fish Press that it is ensured. Please go to to write a quick and easy letter or write a letter to your congressperson. Have a lovely day!
-The Lucky Fish.