WITHOUT YOUR VOICE, LUCKY FISH COMICS WILL BE DONE!! The FCC considering to strike down Net Neutrality makes me angry because in our time information is power. If Net Neutrality fails, it will ensure that the wealthy have all the information. That means this is a way for rich white men to stay rich and white. The people without the money will not have access to free information. This is like saying only wealthy people can check out from the library and the wealthier you are the more books you can check out. Poor people who typically are women and minorities will be shut out from the ability to raise themselves out of poverty. Education and information is the number one enemy of poverty. The United States of America will thrive when even the poorest of us can rise above poverty. We will remain a strong country if our people have the ability to educate themselves. Net Neutrality is a violation of free speech and freedom of information. The failure of Net Neutrality violates my free speech to start my online comic promoting stories about women and minorities. The Chinese government has restrictions on their people’s usage of the internet. The failure of Net Neutrality is the same. Please take the time to write a short letter to the FCC at Dear FCC.org.
-The Lucky Fish